Our Story.

We are chuffed to see Neveco go on to become one of Tasmania’s leading IT solutions companies helping Devonport and the Northwest coast businesses for over 17 years. Since the start in 2007, Neveco has grown to a team of 13 IT Gurus that all share a passion for turning the IT industry upside down, embracing change, removing barriers and chasing dreams. It’s one reason our logo references the dark clouds that hover over peoples heads as soon as they think of IT and we’ve turned that metaphor upside down turning dark to bright and rain to light. More go. Less no.

Our Values.

  • Fostering a corporate culture that enhances individual creativity and teamwork.

  • Providing diverse equal opportunity working environment, treating each other with respect and dignity.

  • Open and Consultative Management style between management and staff, honouring trust and respect.

  • Satisfied customers are our best advocates.

  • Contribute positively to our communities and environment.

  • We can be professional without needing a suit.

  • Just because it was right yesterday does not mean it can’t be improved for tomorrow.

Our Mission.

The mission of Neveco Business I.T Solutions is to be the leading Managed Service provider in Tasmania. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate and empower our customers and strategic business partners to achieve more by providing complete, creative and innovative solutions, all whilst providing excellent customer service.

More go. Less no.

Neveco offers smarter and practical business solutions, assisted by our long time partnerships with HP and Microsoft.